Going through a lung transplant

Dr. Marianne Matzo previously had the pleasure of interviewing Stevan Lemke who talked with us about being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. In this second interview, he takes us through the process of being evaluated for a lung transplant, the wait, the surgery, and the postoperative experience.

Before being approved for placement on the transplant list Steven underwent 9 days of testing. When the lungs were finally approved for his surgery, that surgery took 14 hours. Afterward, he and his family were required to stay three months at the transplant center hospital city (which was 300 miles from his home).

When we think about the process of an organ transplant very few people really know what is involved. This radio show gives you a view into that world. Stay tuned for a future interview with Stevan where we will talk about what happens after you return home with your new organ.

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