Does hospice provide 24-hour care?

Many people think of hospice as a place people go to die.  Some think that if you get hospice services a hospice nurse moves in with the dying person and does all their care until they die.  Neither of these is true.  There are hospice houses (not all communities have one) where people can go for the last few days of their lives under specific circumstances.  But electing the hospice benefit in the United States requires that there be a caregiver willing to provide the twenty-four hour care. 

This week we are talking with Noelle whose 71-year-old mother started to receive hospice care on July 2 (her mother died 9/27) and Noelle learned firsthand what was required to provide care for her mom.  There is a lot involved in caring for someone at the end of life, medications to be given, physical care to be offered.  Noelle’s initial thought about this was that “They really don’t expect us to do this, do they?” Well, yes Noelle, they do.  Tune in to this enlightening interview with Noelle.  And from all of us at Everyone Dies we offer Noelle and her family condolences on the death of their mother.

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