Makeup supplies. Desairology is an all-encompassing term for the practices of funeral cosmetology, mortuary makeup, and restorative arts, which are a product of the practice of viewing a deceased person in their open casket prior to burial.

S3E2: The Vital Secrets of Desairology

This week has a special lineup! Learn about the art of desairology, the unknown history of Chop Suey, and we have a special guest: Claire Luckey, the "Grieving Bitch" on Instagram. Claire is sharing her grief journey and life challenges as a 34-year-old widow living in New York City in a regular...

Ornament for lost baby

The Many Faces of Grief

My only son graduates from high school tomorrow. I’m excited for him, but it’s also bittersweet as I know I’m that much closer to an empty nest. If you meet him and ask me if I “only have the one,” I’ll smile and say yes. Inside I’ll feel a sting as I think of the sibling that would have been three...

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