Allan Wilson playing guitar.

Episode 33: Grieving Your Child’s Death

Calgary musician Allan Roy Wilson is our guest this week and talk about his new album. This work is the result of that two-year writing session that began in August 2018 is “I Just Want You to Come Home,” a 10-song CD Wilson penned in honor of his son, Josh, who died of cancer in 2000. You don’t...

Breast cancer ribbon with edge eroding, representing recurrence

S1E31: Recurrent Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is very scary. But for those who have already defeated it, the fear it will return always looms over them. Learn why cancer can return, and how to be proactive in reducing your risk.

Episode 13: Danger Hangs Over My Head

Being diagnosed with cancer is very scary. Having it return is a fear on a totally different level. On the other hand, many people cope with a recurrence differently than the first time around. This week we are talking with Denice who had a local recurrence of her breast cancer.

Lab worker labeling patient samples.

S126: Clinical Trials

From vaccines to cancer treatment, any new drugs go through rigorous testing called Clinical Trials before they are approved. Learn about what clinical trials are and how we benefit.

Rugby Team

S1E23: Support Groups

What can you learn from joining a support group? How do you find a support group? These are the questions we answer and more with a special guest and Ovarian Cancer survivor, Odra Pratt.

Ornament for lost baby

The Many Faces of Grief

My only son graduates from high school tomorrow. I’m excited for him, but it’s also bittersweet as I know I’m that much closer to an empty nest. If you meet him and ask me if I “only have the one,” I’ll smile and say yes. Inside I’ll feel a sting as I think of the sibling that would have been three...

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