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A new song by Mike Ward – Spoiler alert…no surprise…everyone dies

At the end of every one of our podcasts, Marianne reminds us “Every day is a gift.”

Mike Ward – BMI Singer / Songwriter – has been on our podcast a couple of times with his songs about aging and death, and he wrote this song just for us! This song beautifully calls out the need to say those words we need to say, to do the things we want to do, savor those precious moments, because all of us have limited time on this earth. And spoiler alert…there’s no surprise…everyone dies. Thank you Mike for such a great song!

To hear more of Mike’s work, go to https://www.psychosongs.com.

See Marianne’s interview with Mike as he explains his song and plays it live:

The lyrics are below:
Everyone Dies
Words and Music by Mike Ward

We don’t all have fulfilling careers
Or live to ripe old years
Each are born onto this earth
Left to figure out our own life’s worth

Wrinkled skin. curled up feet
Surrounded by wood, brass and concrete
Deeply rooted family histories
Lined up in mausoleums and cemeteries

Will you wish that you’d done more?
…won a nobel prize…
…bought a taco bell franchise
Will you wish that you’d done more?
…a little exercise
…a lot less compromise
Cause in the end everyone dies
Yeah in the end everyone dies

Old or young rich or poor
We all be breaking down death’s door
No matter your politics or religious belief
We play this song on that last stage of grief

Will you wish that you’d done more?
…release some butterflies
…learned to navigate the starry skies
Will you wish that you’d done more?
…not turned a blind eye
…to corruption and lies
Cause in the end everyone dies
Yeah in the end everyone dies

Before we vaporize. eventually fossilize
the final downsize get eulogized our selfies digitized
left here to fertilize after our untimely demise

Will you wish that you’d done more?
found less to criticize
learned to bake rhubarb pies
Will you wish that you’d done more?
maybe apologize
don’t agonize
Cause in the end everyone dies
Yeah in the end everyone dies
Spoiler alert… no surprise…everyone dies
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