A cross-section of a brain. Grief changes our brains in many ways, learn how in this episode.

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A birthday cake with multicolor flowers that says Happy Birthday. We talk about the good side of aging in this episode https://every1dies

How to turn Aging into a Superpower

How much would your life change if you embraced the concept that we will all die...but then got busy living with the gift of that perspective?

This week’s show addresses these ideas and embraces the idea of living our lives as if we were dying.

A sketch of Emily Warren Roebling carrying a rooster across the Brooklyn Bridge for good luck. Learn about overlooked obituaries in this podcast https://every1dies.org

S4E9: Discover History’s Overlooked Obituaries

This week’s show is about everything New York City…after a fashion. We have a report about the obituary department in the New York times and their focus on illuminating why the lives they feature are significant. Along with a bit of schmaltz we look...

A goose stands bewildered by a road where its mate died. We talk about moving forward in this episode https://every1dies.org

S4E6: The Way Forward after a Spouse Dies

When we are the caregiver for a spouse living with dementia, we often wonder about what our lives have been, where our lives are going, and how long we can do what we are doing. This week we talk with a caregiver about how his life changed after the...

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