German Cake, Kuchen

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Pepperoni pizza on a plate with a uneaten crust. A dish of vanilla ice cream and water are in the background. Live every day like it is your last good day: Eat Pizza and Ice Cream!

S3E40: What is the Last Good Day?

If you knew this would be your last good day with someone, or your own independence, would you do something different? Why wait? This episode is all about capturing those moments...and eating lots of pizza and ice cream!

Millennial Widowhood - It's called an Immersive Experience! Learn about millennial grief in this podcast.

S3E39: How Do Millennials Process Grief?

What is different about grieving as a millennial? Learn from Claire as she shares her perspectives about millennial grief, widowhood, and using humor to normalize the life cycle, which, of course, includes death.

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