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A man and woman walking from a dark forest into a light. For a podcast about end-of-life midwifes.

S2E11: Midwives for the End of Life

End-of-Life Doulas are similar to birth midwives - they advise and advocate for a client's wishes; in this case, how they perceive a "good death." Learn about doulas and their role in our healthcare system.

Rainbow with dog/cat prints fading to distance. (Rainbow bridge). Words You left your footprints across my heart - you will always be a part of me.

S2E10: Planning a Memorial Ceremony for Your Pet

Today we are talking with a Lucy Morganstern, a pet doula. Pet doulas complement end-of-life care for a pet, supporting both the animals and their owners with compassionate care, and help the owners memorialize the pet when they die. Listen to learn...

people on sidewalk with masks on

Episode 43: Reacclimate to the world after quarantine

This week Victoria Lynn Bentley, a licensed professional counselor, talks with us about emerging from COVID quarantine and reclaiming our lives. Victoria discusses reopening ourselves to vulnerability, the value of mindfulness, and the use of...


Episode 42: Visits from our loved ones after death

Everyone Dies had the pleasure of talking with Bill Guggenheim about after death communications (ADC) which are contacts from someone who has died directly to us by the dead without a medium.One of the first books that took a data gathering approach...

IronMan athletes

S2E8: Learn to thrive with a Colostomy

Whether you or a loved one have a colostomy because of bowel inflammation, infection, injury, or cancer, learn about how to not just manage a colostomy, but inspiration to thrive with one!

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