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A painting of an eye with a background of arrows zig-zagging back and forth. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) uses rhythmic back and forth movements of the eye. (

S3E16: Need help with grieving? Consider EMDR.

Healing from grief, especially traumatic grief, is difficult because of trauma associated with the death. Learn about a treatment called EMDR that can help. Listen also to Claire Luckey as she shares how she handled the first anniversary of her...

A military funeral detail with a flag held over the casket. U.S. Army Air Forces 2nd Lt. William J. McGowan was laid to rest at Normandy American Cemetery (NOAC) today, nearly 80 years after he was killed during operations in France during World War II (WWII).

S3E15: America’s Overseas Military Cemeteries

Did you know we have over 218,000 service members in overseas cemeteries? Learn about the federal agency that manages these memorials and cemeteries with honor. We also learn about the history of pizza - and Hawaiian pizza - and welcome Magnus...

A USAF C-54 bomber dropping candy for children who are running enthusiastically to meet the packages.

S3E14: 15 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

This week we talk about ways that you can help a grieving child. We celebrate the life of the Berlin Blockade's Candy Bomber and share a fitting recipe for Candy Bar Brownie Bombs. Claire joins us to talk about life immediately after her husband...

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