S1E40: What Causes Fatigue

or “baby, I’m soooooo tired!”

Fatigue is a overwhelming, sustained sense of exhaustion and decreased capacity for physical and mental work, and goes beyond normal tiredness.  Learn about the many causes, including imbalances and recovery from treatments and surgery.

Also be sure to listen to our PWTRN radio show where we talk to Stevan Lemke who has been living with Chronic Illness for the last eight years. Steven shares with us how he has learned to live with fatigue. Listen Here.


In Episode 42 we will go into much more depth about ways to help lessen your fatigue, but here’s a link that will help:

Faked Deaths

Charlie tells us some interesting stories of people who faked their own deaths!

Swedish Funeral Glögg

In Sweden, a funeral ceremony will often include food and glögg to toast the deceased. Glögg is also a favorite part of the holidays! Learn more about the tradition and get the recipe to make your own from Bon Apetit.

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