How important is it to talk about death to children? Kaja Perina wrote a review in Psychology Today titled How Should We Talk to Kids About Death? Child advocates use fiction to guide parents on an effective approach.”

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The article states: “Pediatric physician David Schonfeld warns that limiting discussions about death could interfere with the child’s ability to cope when it happens to someone they know. They might experience guiltshamefear, or even “view death as a form of punishment.” Kids need to be able to talk about it. Placing the concept into a story frame like Everyone Dies, with a natural setting that works within the cognitive parameters of young children, can help them to express their feelings and concerns.”

A book titled "Everyone Dies, and yes, it is normal" with a child playing on a beach. learn more at

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Thank you Kaja for spreading the word!  Read the Full Article Here.

Go to to learn more about the book and its story.

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