Remembering Dimple Rose

Dimple Rose Gillett (Aussie) died on August 5, 2022 after 15 years 7 months of being a wonderful companion. In dog years, that made her about 108 years old. I am grateful for the many years of happiness and comfort she gave us. She came to Stacia and me on an airplane from Texas to Norfolk, VA. Right away she showed us how smart she really was. As a puppy, she chewed the covers off of her dog training book. I remember that I could play catch with her and she would consistently catch the ball. She actually watched television and even barked at cartoon animals. In short she was one of the smartest dogs I have known. I remember taking her to a dog park where there was an agility course. With no training, she went through the course the first time. But she never did learn her fractions…

Dimple Rose in her prime

Her favorite activity was going for a walk from puppy to old age dog.

When Stacia went into the hospital in 2017, I would take Dimple Rose to Stacia’s hospital room. She would jump up on Stacia’s bed and give her comfort. I took her as often as I could both day and night. No, I didn’t ask permission. But then Stacia died, Dimple Rose went into mourning. When I would take her for a walk, she would just stop, turn around and head back home. We shared our mourning experience for a couple of years. Then I met Marianne. Marianne has two daughters and, in short order, Dimple Rose perked up. She loved Marianne, Giuliana and Rose. It turns out she likes women and I’m just an afterthought. When Marianne would go into the office to write a podcast, Dimple Rose went with her. Marianne would talk to her about taking dictation and, if she got busy doing something in the kitchen, Dimple Rose would come to the door to find out why she wasn’t on the job.

So, on a Friday morning she couldn’t walk and couldn’t eat. She was finally at the point where we couldn’t care for her and we realized that it was time to take her to the Vet. Marianne called ahead and she was told the Vet would come out to the car and put Dimple Rose down. That turned out to be untrue. The Vet said that because of “insurance reasons” that we couldn’t be with Dimple Rose as she drew her final breath. I waited in the lobby as the Vet took her back. After she died, he put her in a trash bag for us to take her home. But that was not the way Dimple Rose would take her final journey. We removed her body and took her home. There, we had a grave site prepared for her with a Rose of Sharron planted at the head of her grave. I placed her in the grave and buried her, despite the 100 degree plus heat. Luna sat by the grave as I filled it in. I found it strangely comforting as I took Dimple Rose on her final journey. In the aftermath, both Luna and Harley seemed off. Harley usually eats anything and he eats if fast. But for many days afterward, he seemed to lose his appetite. Luna was lethargic when she is normally VERY energetic. So I think they were grieving our loss as much as Marianne and me.

Farewell Dimple Rose. We love you always.

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