S4E39: Traumatic Grief: What it is and How to Find a Therapist to Help Manage It

Traumatic or Complicated Grief is difficult to work through on your own.  We give you tips on how to find the right therapist and share our original season one podcast on the special circumstances that make this type of grief so hard.

How much grief is normal?

A man pensively staring as he leans on a railing.  We talk about traumatic grief and how to find a therapist in this episode.

Processing a death can be difficult, especially if it was a sudden, unexpected loss, which can lead to traumatic grief. An accident, drug overdose, murder, miscarriage or relationship that was complicated by abuse or guilt all echo for years, sometimes silently.

Find Help and Learn About Traumatic Grief

Learn in this episode about how to find a therapist to help guide you through this difficult time, as we reintroduce our season one episode that goes in depth about traumatic and complicated grief.

In this Episode:

  • 00:00 – Finding a Therapist
  • 04:57 – Intro to S1E07 Rebroadcast about Traumatic Grief
  • 06:02 – Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Éclair Cake
  • 08:26 – Traumatic Bereavement
  • 32:39 – Caught in the Act
  • 46:03 – Outro

Resources for Finding a Therapist:

Traumatic Grief

…suffering…no matter how multiplied, is always individual.”

Anne Morrow Lindberg

In our S1E11 Episode we talked about grief and mourning. This week we expand on the concept to discuss traumatic or complicated grief. Traumatic grief is grief and mourning over a death that came about in traumatic circumstances (e.g. sudden, suicide, murder).

COVID-19 affected many in this way because loved ones often died suddenly and alone. This can leave family members with regret and emotional pain from “not being there” at their last moments.

We talk about how to identify complicated grief, and ways to help yourself cope with this type of death.

Resources about Traumatic Grief:

Recipe Time!

As Melissa from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen describes this recipe… If you love the classic eclair cake, you’ll do back flips for this glorious Death By Chocolate Eclair Cake variation. The chocolate mousse-like filling is sandwiched between chocolate graham crackers, then topped with a chocolate ganache. The top is beautifully garnished with chocolate whipped cream making it a chocolate lovers dream come true. Visit Melissa’s site for the recipe and a how-to video.

In Flagrante Delicto Morto

Charlie tells us about some French and British historical figures that left this world with a smile on their face…until the grim reaper showed up!

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