S2E21: How To Navigate The World Of Those Who Claim To Communicate With The Undead

Can we communicate with the undead? There are people that claim to be a conduit – such as mediums – but there is also opportunity for frauds. Bereaved are the most vulnerable as they seek to connect with a recently lost loved one. How do you protect yourself? In our interview today we learn about the difference between a medium, a psychic, and a clairvoyant. We also learn about their methods, and things to look for in navigating the world of those who claim to communicate with the undead.

Bailey’s Poem

We have an excerpt from today’s guest, Robert Ginsberg’s book that includes a poem his high school age daughter wrote. Bailey was in the car with her brother when it crashed. Robert Shares:

A memorial service for my daughter was held at her high school shortly after her passing. Bailey’s goal was to become an English teacher and she forged some strong relationships with her high school English teachers. The morning of the service day, her favorite teacher John went to clean out his storage cabinet in the teacher’s lounge in preparation for the new school year that had not yet begun. Upon opening the cabinet doors, a lone computer disk fell onto the floor. John picked up the disk, which was unmarked, and he had never seen before, and was curious to see if it was blank or had content. He inserted the disk into the nearest computer. The disk contained a poem written by Bailey entitled “The Wonder Awaits.”

“The Wonder Awaits” 
 I lay down to sleep 
 on this one last evening 
 wondering how much more 
 until I’ll be leaving
 And I think about 
 the time that has past 
 and I can’t help believing 
 that it might not last
 Is there an end
 and what after that
 do I go on 
 or just disappear in a snap
 The newspaper reads 
 of someone’s death 
 and I wonder the 
 chances that I could be next
 There are so many 
 horrible ways to die 
 I hope I go peacefully 
 with not a cry
 My dreams of this moment 
 are a mist in the air 
 for of the dreams 
 I do not care
 I await the moment 
 that I see the truth 
 do I live on 
 or in a silent booth 
 Each day I’m afraid 
 of the events to come 
 But maybe I shouldn’t be 
 maybe death’s not a bum 
 Maybe I’ll like it 
 and maybe it’s better 
 but that I will see 
 when God sends me that letter
 The letter that says 
 it is time to go 
 the moment I feared 
 will finally show 
 And I will Go forth 
 to see what’s in store 
 if I live on 
 or the rest is a bore
 I only wish that 
 I could come back 
 to tell the world 
 of what death is in fact


Robert Ginsberg

Our guest today is Robert Ginsberg who started researching the evidence for survival of consciousness soon after his high school age daughter died in a car accident in 2002. Devastated by the loss, he needed science to tell him if she still existed in some form.

In 2004 Bob and his wife Phran founded Forever Family Foundation a global not for profit that educates the public about evidence that we are more than our physical bodies.

Bob is the author of The Medium Explosion. Bob, Phran and the foundation are currently featured in the Netflix Docuseries Surviving Death. Phran was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of 2020 and passed to the Spirit Realm September 22, 2020, after 46 years of marriage.

Vice-President & Founder
Forever Family Foundation
222 Atlantic Ave
Oceanside, N.Y. 11572
blog – www.beyondthefivesenses.com

Author of The Medium Explosion: A Guide to Navigating the World of Those Who Claim to Communicate with the Dead The Medium Explosion

Hidden Treasure: Poetry and Prose of Bailey Laurel Ginsberg: https://www.amazon.com/Hidden-Treasure-Poetry-Bailey-Ginsberg/dp/1418412015

Additional Resources

  • How To Determine If a Psychic Medium Is Legitimate: https://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-living/how-determine-psychic-medium-legitimate/
  • I’m a fake psychic and here’s how I trick you https://medium.com/@overtake/im-a-fake-psychic-and-here-s-how-i-trick-you-8dd49d1cdfff
  • I went to a medium for the first time – and she completely changed the way I think about psychics: https://www.insider.com/medium-reading-what-to-expect-2018-3
  • Psychomanteums were ancient Greek oracles of the dead where seekers could consult the spirits of the deceased. After fasting and certain other preparatory rituals, a vision of the departed was evoked by the seeker’s staring into a pool or pan of water (a technique similar to the practice of “crystal gazing”). Alternatively, seekers sometimes attempted to contact the dead via dreams, an endeavor clearly related to other types of dream incubation, in which dreams were sought for specific purposes—healing, financial guidance, general advice, divination, and so forth. Dream incubation was extremely popular in the ancient world and was a major phenomenon in societies as diverse as ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In the Hellenistic period, the principal dream incubation temples were the healing temples of Aesculapius. The Hellenistic fascination with dreams made them an obvious medium for attempting to contact the departed. https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Psychomanteum


In keeping with our topic, we are serving the Grateful Dead Cocktail which is considered the sweeter cousin of the Long Island iced tea. Like that drink, the Grateful Dead cocktail packs a considerable punch! It consists of tequila, vodka, rum, gin, and Chambord.  Go mix one up, we’ll wait. Get the mix here!

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