S4E19: How to Have a Tattoo Preserved After Death

Is there a tattoo special to you? You may be surprised to learn it can be preserved as museum-quality art after death! Learn all about how in this episode.

Why would someone want to preserve a tattoo?

Tattoos are both a personal expression and often beautiful works of art worthy of being preserved. (Artist: Henrik Grysbjerg (France))

Tattoos have become mainstream and often are seen as art and a way of self-expression. 26% of Americans have more than 1 tattoo and 17% have several tattoos. Millennials have the highest share of tattoos in comparison to any other generation; 41% of Millennials have one or more tattoos, compared to 32% of Gen X and 13% of Baby Boomers.

When we die our tattoo art is disposed with our remains. Until now.  Our guest this episode is Kyle Sherwood, who along with his father, Mike, has pioneered a modern method of tattoo preservation. Funeral laws in 49 states — the exception is Washington — allow tattoo preservation practice.

How do they preserve the tattoos?

The company worked hard to make the skin look like parchment in the final product. They frame it in a sealed, archival quality frame with UV protection, ready for decades of preservation.

Kyle shared how they perfected their proprietary process. They send a kit to morticians who remove special tattoos and send them back to Save My Ink Forever for processing.

Is this something that interests you? Listen to more details in our chat with Kyle Sherwood of Save My Ink Forever.

Tattoos are a tangible reminder of the essence of a person. Families have told stories about how meaningful it is to preserve body art that a loved one wore proudly.

To find out more visit Save My Ink Forever’s website, or follow them on Instagram @savemyink4ever

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Remembering Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett started out as a singing waiter in Queens and continued his singing career until 2021 with a final concert at Radio City Music Hall.  In between he had an incredible music career. He was a painter and had many of his pieces displayed in museums.

Tony Bennett, left, and Lady Gaga appear for a media event at city hall in Brussels on Sept. 22, 2014.  Lady Gaga has a tattoo on her right arm designed by Bennett of Miles Davis’ trumpet to commemorate their special time recording two albums together.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease but continued to perform and record albums.  His last two albums were recorded with Lady Gaga, who he met in 2011, and they became very close friends.  In fact, he drew the tattoo she has on her right arm. She wanted a remembrance of their time together, so he sketched Miles Davis’ trumpet and had his last name, Benedetto, tattooed under it. Mr. Bennett died in July (2023) at age 96.

See Tony’s funny side on SNL in 2013

Recipe of the Week

In memory of Tony Bennett, who left his heart in San Francisco, we have a symbol of the town from TV commercials long ago…HOMEMADE Rice-A-Roni. Why would you make it instead of buying from a store? You get all that nostalgic goodness without the preservatives! Head to Mary’s Nest for the recipe!

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