S4E31: All About Hot Tubs: How To Keep You and Your Pets Safe

The use of hot water for therapy and relaxation goes back centuries. We talk about the background of the modern hot tub and precautions to enjoy it safely. We also share recommendations about whether dogs should use a hot tub, and why you might want to find an alternative.

In This Episode:

  • 02:33 – The History of Hot Tubs
  • 11:17 – Recipe of the Week: Hot Tub Chicken
  • 13:35 – How to Use Hot Tubs Safely
  • 30:05 – Why Dogs Should Not Use Hot Tubs
  • 35:38 – Outro

The History of the Hot Tub

A 70s drawing with a family enjoying an early hot tub with jets.
The Jacuzzi brothers invented the modern hot tub and jacuzzi, but the idea of a warm soothing soak is centuries old.

We talk about the history of the hot tub, circling the globe from early Greek and Roman to Japanese versions of a soothing hot soak. The Jacuzzi brothers first developed the modern version in 1968 and had some creative marketing to put it on the wish list for many families.

Eddie Murphy had a funny skit about James Brown in 1984 called “James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party”

Some movies and comedy routines popularized hot tubs such as the 2010 Sci-Fi comedy Hot Tub Time Machine and its 2016 sequel, Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

How to Use Hot Tubs Safely

A middle-aged man at the edge of a hot tub with a relaxed smile
Image from CDC: Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a great way to ease muscle aches and spasms, but there are things to be aware of to use them safely. Marianne shares several considerations, including swimming-related illnesses. Some bacteria and parasites are especially resistant to chlorine, so a clean tub with optimum pH and chlorine or bromine concentration are important.

We also talk about how the body reacts to the hot tub’s warm temperatures. People with certain conditions – or even just fatigue after a workout – may be susceptible to becoming unconscious and accidentally drowning. Listen to the podcast for more information so you can be safe!

Should Your Dog Use the Hot Tub?

We have some dog lovers on our team, and it may be tempting to let them join you while soaking in the hot tub. But we talk about several reasons to reconsider. We share veterinary recommendations for an alternative, especially for a pup with achy joints that could benefit from water therapy.

Swim spas such as this one from Elite Spas Northwest are the recommended way to get your pup exercise and get hydro-therapy for dysplasia and other joint problems.



Recipe of the Week:

Get this Hot Tub Chicken recipe from Food 52

To stay in our theme, somehow our team found a HOT TUB chicken recipe! The photo is almost hilariously appropriate…a sumptuous chicken seemingly basking in a hot tub of yummy juices. Check out the recipe on Food 52 and see if it doesn’t sound like exactly what you need for your next hot tub party.

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