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S2E13: How to Enhance Lives with Dignity Therapy

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For people with terminal illness and facing the end of life, dignity means the person is deserving of honor, respect, and esteem. The issues most stressful to people facing their death tends to be fearing being a burden to others and feeling that they are not worthy of respect. In this program we talk about ways that you can help with these feelings and help the end of life be meaningful for all involved.

Dr. Harvey Chochinov

We talk about the Dignity Therapy program in Manitoba started by Dr. Harvey Chochinov and replicated worldwide. Dignity in Care provides practical ideas and tools to support a culture of compassion and respect throughout the health care system. We have an interview with Dr. Chochinov where we discuss how he got started in this work and what he has learned along the way.

More about Dignity in Care

Dignity in Care website: Learn more about what dignity is, the ABCD’s of Dignity Care, and other resources.

Dr. Chochinov’s team also conducts Dignity in Care workshops – click here for the schedule and more information.

Watch this video to learn about Dignity in Care

It’s getting kind of cheesy around here!

So, we know you’re wondering about the cow for this episode’s art! If a cute alpine cow enjoying the sunshine wasn’t reason enough, it does go with a theme…

The village of St Luc and the Val d’Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland. ANDREW HASSON / ALAMY (from

Charlie tells us about interesting funeral traditions still alive in the Swiss Alpine valley Val d’Anniviers. The cows’ bells were removed when their owner died, and an elaborate feast was held with wine and cheese that they themselves had stored away for the occasion. If you lived a long life, that’s some ooooold cheese! But, according to this article, it may be conferring some benefits to the funeral attendees: eating aged cheese could help you live longer!

Recipe of the Week

So, related to cheese, we have Funeral Sandwiches smothered in cheese: Southern Belle Funeral Sandwiches. They’re basically Southern ham and cheese sliders that are baked in a brown sugar dijon sauce; when the sauce bakes, it caramelizes into a sweet and tangy crust. Sound good? You don’t have to wait for a funeral to make it! Head over to Grilled Cheese Social for the recipe.

Southern Belle Funeral Sandwiches from Grilled Cheese Social

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