A diagram of the brain showing the substantia nigra, the part of the brain that declines in Parkinson's Disease.

S2E2: Parkinson’s Disease

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Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease develop slowly over several years, and can include shaking, stiffness, difficulty with walking, balance and coordination. It is caused by degeneration neurons in a specific part of the brain called substantia nigra that secrete dopamine, an important brain chemical that controls several functions. Marianne talks about what is known about the disease, symptoms, and current treatment.


  • Parkinson’s DiseaseNational Institute on Aging (NIH)
  • Parkinson’s Foundation
    • What is Parkinson’s?
    • Resources for Caregivers
    • The Parkinson’s Foundation recommends that a person with symptoms resembling those of Parkinson’s Disease consider making an appointment with a movement disorder specialist. To find a specialist in your community, call our free Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM ET to 8:00 PM ET.

In the radio this week

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Eli Pollard, the Executive Director at the World Parkinson Coalition. The Coalition convenes a World Parkinson’s Congress every three years to bring together patients, care partners, researchers, and health care practitioners to further the conversation regarding solving the puzzle of this disease.  Eli brings her passion for her work and a great deal of information about Parkinson’s Disease to this interview.  Listen Here.

Third Half

Charlie shared an article The Most Common Fear of Older Adults and How to Prevent It. You can read the Newsweek article here. You can read the study here.

Recipe Time

We are often asked for Keto friendly recipes, and Marianne and Charlie have a culturally hard time imagining life without Carbs.  But this week, we thought, what the heck, let’s try.  We have a keto Shamrock Shake that is avocado based, 100% dairy free, has spinach and peppermint in it…

Sound like something to try? Charlie’s not sure about it, but maybe our loyal fans will! Here’s the recipe, from Sweet as Honey.

Let us hear from you!

Okay, you Keto folks…surely you can do better than Marianne’s research! Give us your mid-section-friendly recipes to share on the podcast! You can reach out to us below or on Facebook.

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