S3E49: Spring has Sprung…it is Time for Us to Bloom!

What can the seasons teach us about grief?

Spring daffodils cover a yard in front of a cabin.  Learn about spring and grief in this episode.
Daffodils are one of the first cheery plants to greet us in the spring, symbolizing “we made it” – winter is over! Is our grief the same? Learn the similarities in this episode. (Image by Mabel Amber)

We all are grieving something, and winter just seems like the perfect time to do that. Folk wisdom tells us that the sharpest phase of grief must be weathered for a full year and a day, and this prescript seems strangely accurate, as though loss must be carried through all four seasons before its weight begins to lighten and life goes on. Each of the losses we carry begin to add up and the weight of grief’s burden can become too much. Our bodies become exhausted carrying the grief around with us.

Listen to Marianne share mythology and traditions as well as nature’s own rhythm and what is has to teach us:

Grief will pass. Winter will pass. The months, the seasons, the world will turn. We relearn joy throughout our lives. The land lifts and sustains us.

And spring has sprung.

In this Episode:

  • 02:43 – Equinox Facts and Our Recipe of the Week
  • 05:59 – Spring Has Sprung
  • 14:12 – Things We Like and Don’t Like
  • 21:27 – Outro

What are Your Likes and Dislikes?

How do you let people know who you are?  Who you were last week may not be who you are today because bad news can assault us at any moment and the joys of a new beginning may be just around the corner. After reading the Melissa Kirsch essay in the Times, we asked our listeners to send us their list of 10 things they like and 10 they don’t. Here’s what our listeners and E1D team had to say:

From a listener, Dee:

Likes: A hug from an old and dear friend, Bluebell-carpeted woodlands, The sounds of lazy, slopping waves on a sunny day, aughing so much that my face hurt, Eating freshly picked peas

Dislikes: Apart from all the obvious one like war, disease and suchlike…Experimental jazz, Manicured lawns, High rise buildings, Bleached coral reefs, Private seafronts

Melanie wrote:

Likes: writing poetry to express things I cannot say, people who respect each other’s rights, watching Bella, my cattle dog, run and jump, a crowded dinner table abuzz with conversations, reaching people as a lay preacher, singing in a room with excellent acoustics, challenging myself intellectually and physically, dancing, preferably with a partner, the process of designing and getting a tattoo, feeling loved and cared for

Dislikes: unkindness, Invasions of privacy (medical, political, personal), feeling vulnerable, dealing with number, smelling perfume, cigarettes, pot or mold, inequity/injustice, the weekend sounds of chain saws, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia, violence, nationalism


Some of my favorite things in life: (1) Juicy kisses from my adorable 2 year old great grandbaby (one of ten of the great grands). (2) The love of my 2nd husband. Found him on match dot com after my 1st one died after 48 years together. The 2nd one treats me like royalty. 18 years of wonder. How lucky is that!!   (3) Lots of strawberry ice cream. (4) Am 92, and still in good health, and my brain still functions. And that is REALLY good luck, right?

Sandi, our producer:

Likes: Forests, Mountains, Rivers, Wildlife, Wildflowers, Whiskey (just learnin’), Jazz (especially Standards), Sci-fi, Crafts, Documentaries

Dislikes: Overly Loud People, Rap music, Narcissist Politicians, Reality TV, Pointless Stories, Invasive plants & bugs, Humidity, Saggy mattresses

Charlie, our Co-Host

Likes: Top shelf liquor, dinner or lunch at the bar, reading & writing, live theater and movies, acting, empowering people, solace, jazz – before Miles Davis went electric, sex, physical intimacy, and long kisses, Sinatra, Nat King Cole singing STARDUST

Dislikes: People imposing their rituals on others, not giving children “free time”, laws that protect the wealthy and institutions at the expense of ordinary people, ordinary people complaining and not doing anything about it such as voting, people who vote against their best interest, people walking and driving while using their smart phones, a lack of basic education in America, needing a computer to write for you, “protecting” kids from disappointment or emotional pain, Trigger warnings: they don’t work; they make things worse.

David, our Executive Producer
Cute Shih Tzu dog resting on the floor.  Dogs were part of our listener's likes
Dogs made it to several people’s favorite things! Who can blame them! (Image by Picsby Fran from Pixabay)

Likes: Dogs, Hamburgers, Running, Scuba Diving, , Monty Python, The ocean, Swimming, Reading books, Beer, Forests

Dislikes: Raw onions, Loud music, Being too cold, Being too hot, Wasps, Whiskey, Alarm clocks, Cats, Skunks, Quicksand

Marianne, our Host

Likes: The feet of newborns, Labrador retriever puppies, hot kettle corn, corny jokes, the sun on my face, jumping into the warm sea, watching wild dolphins swim and play, my daughter’s laughter, my husband holding my hand while we sleep.

Dislikes: Cold showers, deliberate meanness, incompetence, buying gas for the car, gaining weight, wasting time, being too cold or too hot, spinach.


Likes: The hug from my husband and kids,  The warm breeze, good book, the sound of lovely music, a night of full sleep, feeling energetic,  a call from friends. the view of changing seasons- leaves, daffodils, another month of good health.

Dislikes: news of more gun violence, dirty politics,  being away from home too long, getting uncertain test results, seeing a child hurt, being unable to go to crowded places, not being heard.


Likes: Family, Friends, Work, Teaching, Baseball, Travel, Reading, Shopping

Dislikes: Liars, Wasted time, Cheaters, Bad grammar, Loud and raucous, Ignorance, Self-importance

This topic is excerpted and adapted from the forthcoming book “As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980,” by Susan Sontag, edited by David Rieff.

Recipe of the Week

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, asparagus is one of the first plants that greets us in springtime. To get us in the spring mood, we found a recipe with the favorite veggie, a one-pan balsamic chicken and asparagus. Get the recipe here from Delish.

Balsamic chicken, cherry tomatoes and asparagus in this one-pan dinner to welcome spring.
One-pan balsamic chicken and asparagus. Get the recipe here from Delish.



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