S5E01: How to Cope When a Complicated Parent Dies

Parental death in midlife may result in lingering feelings of loneliness, feeling alone on the earth for the first time in their lives. Their death can bring back memories of former losses, unresolved conflicts, and doubts about life’s purpose. Knowing that we are not alone as we struggle with this change in our life can help adjust to a world without our parents.

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  • 06:10 – Recipe of the Week, Ding Dong Cake
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  • 10:22 – Interview: Coping with the Death of a Complicated Parent
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Unpacking the Aftermath of a Parent’s Death

Noelle cared for her mom while on hospice. We visited her a few months after her mother’s death as she discussed the challenges, emotions and positive coping techniques she uses.

Does everyone feel grief when their parent dies?

No, there are a wide range of emotions and feeling following the death of a parent. Part of the reaction has to do with the lifelong relationship with the parent, the ages of the people involved, and what is going on in our lives at the time of the death. But at some point, you will grieve. Even the most difficult parental relationship involves grief about the death or grief about what was missing from your relationship.

What are some of the feelings that adult children experience following the death of their parents?

The feelings can be any or all of the following: anger or frustration, guilt, perhaps for not contacting them frequently or not being present for their death, shock and emotional numbness, confusion, disbelief, or a sense of unreality, hopelessness or despair, physical pain, mental health symptoms, including depression or thoughts of suicide, relief that they’re no longer in pain. Remember that whatever you are feeling, the feelings are valid.

What can I do to honor my parent’s memory?

Some ideas are to create a small home memorial with photos and mementos, planting their favorite tree or flower in your backyard, adopting their pet or plants, continuing work they found meaningful, like volunteering or other community service, donating to their preferred charity or organization.

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Did you know we have been doing this podcast since spring of 2020? We started right as COVID was gaining a foothold and New York was ground zero, with Charlie reporting first-hand. We have sought to provide relevant information for those grieving the lost, preparing for their own death as their disease advances, or learning their options to be educated on all aspects of death and dying. Thank you for being our loyal listeners.

Pet Cemetery

A headstone that reads Johnnie Brown, The Human Monkey, Died April 30, 1927

Looking for something offbeat to do while vacationing in Palm Beach? We tell the story of Johhnie Brown – a celebrity spider monkey that got his own burial plot beside a little dog Laddie. Addison Mizner, eccentric architect of Palm Beach’s signature Mediterranean Revival style, carried his pet spider monkey everywhere and even hand-stitched him a silk-lined sombrero with a chin strap, so it’s only appropriate that Johnnie Brown received a prominent burial site. His gravestone reads, “Johnnie Brown. The Human Monkey. Died April 30, 1927.”

Recipe of the Week – Ding Dong Cake

Some of us had a rich childhood with Hostess Ding Dongs in our lunchbox, but others had parents focused on healthier living…but why not indulge now? You’ve got to try this cake and celebrate our 5th year. Thank you for being our listeners!

Ding Dong Cake, from TheKitchn
Get this indulgent Ding Dong cake recipe at The Kitchn.

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