S1E42: Ways to Help Lessen Fatigue

In Episode 40 we talked about what causes fatigue. In this episode we discuss ways to help lessen fatigue. Fatigue can be improved by finding an energy balance between rest and activities. Marianne shares how inactivity can actually cause a cycle of fatigue. She also discusses the role of anemia, poor sleep, depression, and stress or anxiety. See the handouts below for a deeper dive into energy conservation and managing fatigue.


“Weird” Funeral Songs

Some people with terminal disease find planning their funerals to extreme detail as a way to fight the feeling of powerlessness over death. Some even inject some humor in their choices of funeral songs. In 2008, a cemetery in Australia released a list of the most commonly requested “weird” funeral songs. Do you have some better ideas?

Recipe Time

Charlie introduced us to Koliva (also spelled Kolyva) – a traditional food for Greek Orthidox memorial services.

The wheat berries in the recipe are symbolic for life and regeneration. Different regions have their own traditional preparations, but here is one recipe, courtesy GreekBoston.com

Image source: Washington Post Kalyva recipe. Stacy Zarin Goldberg for The Washington Post; food styling by Lisa Cherkasky for The Washington Post

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