S1E47: Caregiver Grief and Burnout

Caring for the dying or critically ill can cause significant distress for health care providers, but even more so for family members in the role as a caregiver. Marianne shares about the complex challenges facing caregivers and ways to cope.


Recipe Time

This week Marianne talks about City Chicken, which strangely doesn’t have chicken at all! The reason why is interesting. Back in the early 1900’s through the Great Depression, chicken was actually more expensive than pork and veal. It was considered a luxury item for those living in the cities. City chicken is made of scraps put on a skewer and breaded like fried chicken. There was even a mold to make the shape of a chicken leg! Check out the recipe here, from the Polish Housewife or another from AllRecipies.

Read about the history and see the molds here: https://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/postdetail.cfm?postnum=29616

On the Radio

Be sure to listen to this week’s PWTRN episode – “Learning from the Grim Reaper.” Our guest this week is Lori Jackson, a well-known travel writer who after the death of her brother goes in search of information about the Grim Reaper. Listen Here.

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