S1E46: Left-sided Strokes

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How do you manage after a left-sided stroke? Learn in this episode.

A stroke is an injury to the brain caused by a change in blood supply, such as from a blood clot or burst in a vessel that feeds the brain. Today we talk about left-sided strokes and the impact it can have on the body. We also talk about how to manage expectations (and frustrations) as a caregiver for someone who had a stroke.

Strokes usually affect one side of the brain. Because of the way the nerves work, this means the arm and leg of the opposite side of the stroke will be affected. The left side of the brain also controls language and is the analytical side of the brain. So someone with a left-sided stroke will struggle to listen, comprehend, analyze information, do calculations, plan and organize. Since they are aware of the changes, they may often get frustrated, depressed and anxious.

A stroke on the left side will have different impacts than those on the right. (Source: Constanttherapy.com)

Listen to Marianne as she talks about ways to help a stroke survivor through the recovery process.

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We’re celebrating the Chinese New Year here in our studio – the year of the Ox. To celebrate, we’re making Chinese Fried Rice. Hop on over to Chef Savvy for an easy recipe to get you in the mood to celebrate a new season.

Funerals to Die For

Charlie finishes out the show with a creepy (and sad) tale from the book Funerals to Die For: The Craziest, Creepiest, and Most Bizarre Funeral Traditions and Practices Ever by Kathy Benjamin. The story talks about Julia Pastrana, one of the most famous bearded ladies in history. Ms. Pastrana had an unfortunate demise and it took 153 years for her to receive the dignified burial she deserved.

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