S1E45: Research Updates

What lifestyle choices increase your risk for chronic disease? To answer that we take a look at findings from the Nurses’ Health Studies.  The first study was established in 1976, and recruited nurses to participate through their lifespan for longitudinal data.  (What is a longitudinal study?) The study is now in its third generation, with 280,000 participants.  Listen to Marianne and Charlie as they share the findings.



Looking for a unique way to cook mashed potatoes? Look no further! We have a recipe with some unusual elements – cream of mushroom soup and corn flakes. Yes, corn flakes! (Southerners know how multipurpose those things are.)
Get the full recipe here: Methodist Mashed Potatoes

Mail Bag

We had a message from one of our listeners – Sioban – who asked about the movie Leisure Seeker that involves Dementia and Euthanasia (see our previous episodes). Sioban says,

Donald Sutherland has Alzheimer’s and his wife, is played by Helen Mirren. They are traveling in their RV for the last time. She’s not good at handling his memory problems. Skipping some sad stuff, at the end she arranges the RV to fill with CO while they are sleeping, thus killing both of them. If I recall, she doesn’t even ask him what he wants, how he wants to die. I was so upset about what she did. It would have been different if they were both depressed about their situation but that’s still a depressing story. I can’t recommend the movie but the end is an important subject to discuss.”

Thank you Sioban for the great topic! We discussed the choice that his wife made and other aspects of the movie. Marianne and Charlie also acted out a scene from the movie where his dementia reveals a secret.

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