S1E44: “Mom’s Assisted Death”

In this episode we talk about how a daughter responds to her mother’s search for assisted death. We hope if you or a family member is considering assisted death you will listen to her moving story. This complements several discussions we have had about this topic – see more resources below.



Marianne talks about the tradition of pound cake, especially in black communities. If you’re wanting to put on a few pounds (heh heh!), we have the recipe for you, from Just a Pinch – Funeral Pound Cake with Glaze.

On the Radio

Be sure to tune into our PWTRN episode this week, Music with Mike. Mike Ward is a Detroit-based singer and songwriter who writes about coming to terms with aging, loss, and death.  His most recent album, The Darkness, and the Light was released on 1/26/21. Mike and I talked about this new album and his perspectives on aging and loss and how this is expressed in his music. Listen to one of his songs below.

For more from Mike Ward, be sure to follow his Bandcamp.

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