S1E05: How COVID-19 Damages the Body to the Point of Death

In this episode Marianne delves more into how SARS-COV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) affects the body and why it causes death. She also explains death certificate documentation to address a common conspiracy theory.

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Recipe Time!

This recipe is from “Death by Chocolate: the last word on a consuming passion” by Marcel Desaulniers, and called Death by Chocolate a la Trellis.

If you plan to make this recipe, it’s going to take ALL day, maybe two! But we’re sure it will be worth it. It is layers of brownies, ganache, cocoa meringue, chocolate mousse, mocha mousse, and mocha rum sauce.

Sound tempting? You can find the recipe here…or just head to Trellis restaurant in Williamsburg and try it from the master!

The Vultures are Circling

In the first episode with this segment, our roving reporter Buzzkill Charlie warns us about people who take advantage of sick, dying or grieving people.

With COVID-19 and stimulus checks, the situation is ripe for malicious hucksters. Listen in as Charlie fills us in on the scams to watch out for.

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