A basketball player. In his blog "Play all the Seniors" Chris Sperry talks about the end game

S2E29: How do you decide if it is time for hospice care?

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I want to be remembered as a fighter.  No one wants “Well it got tough, and he quit” on his tombstone.  Yet it may be worse to have the phrase “It was a blessing” spoken too many times at my funeral.  Because, of course, the blessing will really have been conferred on my exhausted family and friends who secretly wish I’d left the party a little earlier.

– Chris Sperry, “Play all the Seniors”, July 12, 2020

Making the choice

We often hear people struggle with when the right time is to move from a treatment-oriented approach to hospice care. Chris Sperry addressed the question beautifully in his blog “Play All the Seniors” and shared how he and his wife came to the decision to move to hospice care. Listen to our interview with him to learn more.


Recipe of the Week

This week we have an ancient traditional recipe from Naples, Italy, Salame dei i Morti, or “nougat of the dead.” (We also found it called Torrone dei Morti.) Get a nougat of the dead recipe here from Very Eatalian

On NapoLike, the tradition is explained:

In America we celebrate the night of Halloween, but here in Italy we religiously celebrate the first and second day of November. The days of All Saints and of the “deaths” are important for the Neapolitan tradition because, in addition to praising life, they help us to remember and commemorate those who have already lived life, but continue to remain in our hearts.

Simona Vitagliano (for Gran Caffè Gambrinus) wrote even more about the origin and history of Nougat of the Dead.

Whether you’re celebrating All Saints Day, Halloween, or Day of the Dead, these treats that are often in the shape of a miniature dead body (parallepipedo) are sure to sweeten up your festivities! Get the recipe here! Or if you like preparation pictures, here’s a variation with coffee.

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