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S2E32: Understanding delirium in the last hours of life

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We are continuing our series about what to expect during the process of dying with the topic of terminal agitation. Be sure to listen to all of our segments on the dying process:


Tombstone Cooking

Charlie had some interesting stories for us about tombstone cooking. One had the missing headstone of Peter Weller show up after being missing for nearly 150 years show up in a home – and it was used for making fudge! Learn more here.

Another tombstone belonging to Utah grandmother Kay Andrews (97 years!) is remembered by a delicious fudge recipe. Do you see a fudge theme arising???? Get Kay’s sweet recipe and more detailed instructions from PopSugar.

Kay Andrew will forever be remembered by her fantastic fudge recipe

Recipe of the Week

This pie even has edible hair! (Gastro Obscura)

This recipe really belonged in our Halloween section, because it is soooo macabre! You can’t unsee it. But then it’s so fascinating…check out this strange art of baking “People Pot Pies”.

Gastro Obscura

Or…if that’s not your thing, how about a REAL chicken pot pie? This recipe comes from Natasha’s Kitchen.

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