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S2E7: Nonpharmacological Management of Dementia

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Research indicates the environment can be at least as important as medications for managing dementia. Interventions will differ depending on the cause and stage of the disease. Learn all about what holistic options are shown to make a difference and how to use it in your situation.


When looking for information, understand that that the phrase “clinical studies” (which may appear on claims), is not the same as “rigorous scientific studies showing safe and effective use in humans.”

The Global Council on Brain Health has research reports available for patients and families. The reports highlight findings that the the only behaviors proven to delay dementia onset are consistent exercise, improved nutrition, socialization, and chronic disease management.

Podcasts and Radio Interviews about dementia and brain health:

Recipe Time

For this episode, Marianne is serving up Belushe…No, not Belushi, Belushe!

Now that we see the alternate spelling actually is Belushi, we wonder if Belushi loved the stuff? (Image from Biography)

Her family pronounced it “Bel-ush.” It’s a Slovakian recipe that sounds pretty darn good. Can you go wrong with a doughy, buttery, cheesy, potato flatbread? For the recipe, head over to A Pinch of Love.

Celebrating Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd just died at the age of 106! And who is Norman Lloyd you might ask?

Norman Lloyd was an actor, producer, and director. He was the saboteur in Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Saboteur” in 1942 and before that, in the late 1930s worked with Orson Welles and John Houseman in the Mercury Theater. He missed a chance to perform in “Citizen Kane,” and finally found popularity in his 60s and 70s in the 1980s, as Dr. Daniel Auschlander on “St. Elsewhere.”

Mr. Lloyd amazingly took roles almost to the end of his life, with his last film at the age of 100. He worked seven decades in film business. Wow! You’ll probably recognize his face, but never knew his name.

Thank you Mr. Lloyd for showing us how to live each day with gusto!

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